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Welcome to the A Dinozaur'z Life Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to covering the powerups,features,and dinosaurs in RUBZTER300's ROBLOX game A Dinozaur'z Life. Feel free to contribute!

About A Dinozaur'z LifeEdit

A Dinozaur'z Life (alternately A Dinosaur's Life) is a ROBLOX game created by RUBZTER300. The player lives life as a prehistoric animal of their choice, making their way to adulthood, while also trying to manage their needs and stay alive while doing so.

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  • discussion page Talk:Quetzalcoatlus
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    Comment: My favourite dinosaur because I like birds and flying.
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    Added category: Dinosaurs
  • new page Quetzalcoatlus
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    New page: The Quetzalcoatlus (sometimes nicknamed "quetz" or "bird") is a carnivorous dinosaur in A Dinozaur's Life. They used to be omnivorous, but that was...
    Summary: This used to be my favourite dino
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  • discussion page Talk:Egg
    new comment by LunalaMoon18
    Comment: Arghh I remember egg killers being so annoying. Like I remember once a herd of Theskirizinosaurus killed my egg.
  • discussion page Talk:Spinosaurus
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    Comment: I remember onec I was in a pterodactyl flock, and a spino attacked. My pterodactyl drilled/pecked a hole in the spino's spine as protest. Lol good...
  • discussion page Talk:Isla Rubzteria
    new comment by LunalaMoon18
    Comment: A Dinozaurs Life v4 is the best game that has ever been on Roblox. I will always love this game even though its almost obscure now. I used to...


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