The Amphicoelias (nicknamed "Amphi" by players) is a colossal, herbivorous dinosaur in A Dinosaur's Life. They are often used to by players with a high number of Dinosaur Points, and the reason for this is very clear: Amphicoelias is the largest playable animal in the entire game, only dwarfed by the admin-exclusive Godzilla. They are very rarely attacked by any smart carnivores due to their size and very high health (some especially old individuals have health well beyond 10,000!), though some dinosaurs (usually Spinosaurus) have been seen taking down these behemoths.


Due to the sheer size and often very high health of an adult animal, few animals are stupid enough to bother attacking it. They are not particularly good at combat, dealing a meager 20 - 30 damage in a strike. The Amphicoelias costs 10 DP to play.

Survival TipsEdit

If you choose to play as Amphicoelias, you will have to wait 30 minutes until you become an adult, and wait 5 minutes to hatch. If you want to stay alive, make sure you try to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Amphicoelias requires an extreme amount of foliage to stay alive. To keep its hunger satisfied, live in the north, where trees are plentiful.
  • During your 5 minute wait to hatch, you are a prime target for egg killers. To keep them at bay, try hiding in the water from possible threats. Eggs do not need to breathe, so you may hide until you hatch.
  • In your time as a baby and even a teen, you are vulnerable to being attacked by predators of all sorts due to your small size compared to an adult. Try finding and staying with adult Amphicoelias to stay safe.
  • Once you grow into an adult, you will usually have over 3,000 health. You will continuously gain health as you eat, so in order to stay alive under most circumstances, eat as much as you can and use plenty of nests.

Notable Amphicoelias Edit

A few notable amphicoelias are:

pikachu123126 (Pikachu the Destroyer) History: Online for 6 hours and has 21k health. Had entire server treat him like a king for the time he was on.

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