Ankylosaurus Desert

A small herd of Ankylosaurus crossing the desert

The Ankylosaurus (nicknamed "Armadillo" or "Anky") is an herbivorous dinosaur. They are uncommon as prey, as they tend to have quite a lot of health and do a decent amount of damage. They eat shrubs and mushrooms. They are the second to last herbivore you can play as, and there tends to be at least 1 Ankylosaurus on every server. These dinosaurs tend to have over 1,000 health, though some lucky players manage to earn over 4,000 health do to constant eating.


A healthy Ankylosaurus is a worthy foe to any carnivore foolish enough to attack it. Dealing 40 - 50 damage in a hit, it is undeniably one of the strongest herbivores in the game in terms of raw strength. It costs 10 DP to unlock.

Survival Tips Edit

Anky vs triceratops

A Triceratops attacks an Ankylosaurus

It is highly advised that, if you chose to live your life as an Ankylosaurus, you do not live in the swamp, as there are only two small shrubs in the vicinity of countless inedible trees. There are, however, multiple shrubs outside of the swamp, ranging from the desert at the equator all the way out to the plains in the south. If you plan on acting as a herd leader, keep your herd near large sources of shrubs and water, and make sure that predators do not try and pick off any individuals.
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