Baby is the second lifestage in the game,after Egg and before Teen. Players who play as carnivores will most likely target babies due to the fact that they are defenseless and are easy to take out. But one disadvantage is that babies don't provide that much food. Sometimes herbivore players even kill babies - but usually carnivore babies, herbivore babies being killed by adult and teen herbivores is rare. Herbivores might attack carnivore babies for territorial purposes, or they fear that they might grow up and hunt them down. Other reasons consist of random killing and trolling.

Surviving to AdolescenceEdit

For some players, surviving past infancy is very difficult. Below is a collection is tips on ways you can make it past this fragile stage of life.

  • Hide behind terrain. The map is covered in small hills and mountains, and because nametags are invisible, it is entirely possible to camoflauge yourself into the terrain. As a baby, this can prove incredibly useful.
  • Find a herd, primarily consisting of adult dinosaurs. This is a  simple trick that works until death. Life in a herd increases the amount of security for everyone involved, making this an important tactic for young dinosaurs.
  • Occupy sparsely populated areas. When you live alone, it becomes more likely that you will survive into adulthood. This is less likely to work than most other tactics shown, as it is the most likely to end in death (be it by starvation, negligence, or predators).

Trivia Edit

  • It is considered wrong on some servers to kill babies, as they cannot defend themselves.
  • Killing babies will sometimes cause attacks from witnesses.
  • In rare scenarios, a carnivore will defend a herbivorous baby, or vice versa.
  • Users who have reached the adult lifestage sometimes come up to a player who is currently a baby, and claim it as their offspring/child, even if they are an entirely different dinosaur than the baby.


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