Adult Carnotaurururs

An adult Carnotaurus.

The Carnotaurus is a medium sized carnivore. They are not as strong as other carnivores, such as Giganotosaurus and T. rex, and are commonly preyed upon by stronger dinosaurs, like the Spinosaurus. Because of this, Carnotaurus players usually prey upon teen and baby herbivores. They can also be seen attacking and preying upon smaller carnivores such as the Velociraptor, Microraptor, and Pteranodon, though the latter two are almost always capable of escaping their attacker. Carnotaurus have been known to prey on all types of omnivores, due to the fact that all omnivorous animals ingame are fairly weak. Even a teenage Carnotaurus can take down a adult Gallimimus with little difficulty. Carnotaurus are scavengers most of the time, and don't pick fights with adult dinosaurs unless on the verge of starvation.


Adult Carnotaurus typically deal 30-40 damage to other dinosaurs. Critical hits often deal 70 damage. The Carnotaurus costs 3 DP.

Survival Tips Edit

Surviving as a Carnotaurus is hard, but there is a few ways to survive smoothly.

  • Avoid locations with bigger adult carnivores.
  • If you are too weak to take on a herbivore or carnivore, eat fish. This can result in death by drowing, so only fish if you are incapable of taking down every herbivore in the area.
  • Stay in the grassland valley to get drinks of water from the pond. Herbivores rarely target Carnotaurus unless you attack them first (or the herbivore is overwhelmingly territorial).
  • Avoid attacking strong herbivores, such as the Ankylosaurus and Brachiosaurus unless they are a baby.

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