Falling Judgement (AKA Meat Day) is an event that occurs once every 30 minutes. When it occurs,this message will appear.

"Diet Balancer CodeName(Falling Judgement)


All Non-A Dinosaur's Life Club members will be forced to team balance.

Gameplay will improve with the proper number of players on each team.

Falling Judgement will occur every 30 minutes."

Despite what the message says,teams do not actually change,but anyone who is not in the A Dinozaur'z Life club will be killed while this image covers the screen after the message is over. The asteroid pictured has a lot of nicknames,including,but not limited to:

  • Giant Space Meatball
  • Meatball
  • Holy Meatball

The name "Holy Meatball" implies that the meteor has become a sort of god of death among the fandom. Players in the club can usually be seen in the chat screaming nicknames,"PRAISE THE HOLY MEATBALL," and "MEAT DAY" while the event is occurring.

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