Adult Galli with teen Brachiosaurus

A poisoned Gallimimus

Food Poisoning
is a gameplay mechanic in A Dinosaur's Life. It occurs when a dinosaur attempts to eat a rotten corpse or poisonous mushrooms, and when attained, a bubble appears above the dinosaur containing a radiation symbol surrounded by a purple aura. Prior to V4, dinosaurs could be poisoned by trees with red leaves. Poisoned dinosaurs are often targeted because they are easy targets and can be killed with less difficulty.


The affected animal will begin to slowly lose health over a short period, around 3 to 5 minutes. It's hunger will decrease at a slightly quicker rate that normal. If the poisoned dinosaur does not make a nest in time, it may die.

Countering the PoisonEdit

In order to survive food poisoning, the infected animal must make a nest. The nest will heal the player overtime, though it will eventually disappear. The poison should subside after a few minutes of infliction.

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