Herbivores are the first type of dinosaur new players play as,because you don't need to spend Survival Points to join them. Herbivores eat either trees,mushrooms,shrubs,or a combination of mushrooms and shrubs. Herbivores typically have average attack power and extremely high health.

These are currently the herbivores in the game:

  • Triceratops: Free
  • Diplodicus: 2 DP
  • Stegosaurus: 3 DP
  • Therizinosaurus: 5 DP
  • Brachiosaurus: 6 DP
  • Parasaurolophus: 7 DP
  • Iguanodon: 8 DP
  • Anklyosaurus: 10 DP
  • Amphicoelias: 11 DP
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