The old map of Isla Rubzteria

Isla Rubzteria
is the main map for A Dinosaur's Life. The island was introduced in version V4, as a singular island with a very large field of grass, two deserts, three rocky mountainous areas, two large bodies of water, and a forest. The current island has yet to have an official map, though in terms of structure, it consists of a crescent shaped island with a desert in the middle east, a montane forest area in the north, and a field of grass surrounded by mountains in the south.


Isla Rubzteria is a very mountainous island, huge rock formations only being cut off by abrupt flatland and the endless expanse of ocean. There are two main mountain ranges on the island; the northern mountains, which are higher and entirely comprised of stone, and the southern mountains, which are smoother, shorter, and covered in grass. Between these two geographical extremes lies a large patch of desert, covered in small, sparse, steep hills and mysterious black craters. In the center of the island is a body of water, which empties out into the ocean in the west.


The current map contains various ecoregions to stake out in.

The Northern ForestsEdit

Autumn Forest

Sunrise in the swamp

The northern regions of Isla Rubzteria are usually the most densely populated region on the island. It is largely made up of stony mountains covered with giant trees, though the rock gradually morphs into grass as the mountains meet an abrupt end in the east. In the east lies a large area of swampland, known to players as "The Swamp" due to being in very close proximity to the ocean. This area is often the most populous area in a server, due to easy access to water and food. Slightly north of the forest lies a small, grassy mountain range covered in trees.

The DesertEdit

Easily the most sparsely populated area on the island, the desert was once infamous for completely lacking in food other than meat from dead dinosaurs. Shrubs have been added to the desert in recent updates, though animals still rarely make their homes there. Slightly to the north of the main desert lies very large patch of entirely empty grassland, that has only very recently been expanded from a small green hill with a watering hole. To the west of the plain is a large hill containing a very spacious, flooded cave. The top of this cave is known for sprouting mushrooms, though individuals must take caution to avoid falling into inescapable holes in the rocks.

The Southern GrasslandsEdit

The southern regions of the island usually contain a similar amount of creatures to the forested areas just beyond the sea to the north. The area is almost entirely covered in shrubs, attracting a large number of short-necked creatures to feed. Trees have been added in a rather recent update, allowing sauropods and Therizinosaurus to live in the area as well. The south is home to an area that is known to players as "The Valley", a large region mostly surrounded by steep cliffs to the east, and stone spires to the west. The spires are the only area in the game where "Winter-Shrooms" grow, a special mushroom that is only edible in Winter and Spring.

The Rubzterian SeaEdit

In the dead center of the island lies a very large body of water dotted with small, rocky islands. It is a treacherous place to set foot, with predatory animals and drowning being a constant hazard. The sea itself is surrounded from the east, north, and south by coastline, the area where land meets sea. In the west is a wide passage that leads to an endless, bottomless ocean that surrounds the entirety of the island.


Isla Rubzteria contains a variety of wildlife. All animals on the island are capable of moving wherever they want, though some animals are more common in some places than others.


Herbivores are common animals on Isla Rubzteria. Small and medium herbivores eat shrubs and mushrooms, while large herbivores eat from trees.

Small HerbivoresEdit

  • None yet!

Medium HerbivoresEdit

Large HerbivoresEdit


Carnivores, on most servers, are the most common group of wildlife on the island. All carnivores eat meat, and all are capable of eating fish.

Small CarnivoresEdit

Medium CarnivoresEdit

Large CarnivoresEdit


On most, if not all servers, omnivores are certainly the least populous. Omnivores, despite their names, are somewhat choosy; some eat everything but trees, while others just eat meat and mushrooms.

Small OmnivoresEdit

Medium OmnivoresEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Isla Rubzertia is based off of Isla Nublar from Jurassic Park.
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