Meat is a food source that can be eaten by carnivores and omnivores. It comes in the form of corpses and fish.

Corpses Edit


A fresh corpse

Corpses are the main type of meat in the game. They come in various sizes, and parts of them disappear when eaten. Once the corpse is reduced to a head, the corpse disappears. Rotten corpses turn green and decay, causing parts to disappear without being eaten. If a player tries to eat a rotten corpse, their hunger will decrease, and they will be poisoned. Corpses have a tag that reads "(dead player's name)'s Corpse". Corpses spawn whenever non-egg dinosaurs die. Prior to V4, corpses were represented by untextured, red pieces of cheese. In V3, corpses were replaced by turkey legs with a slight red hue called "RawMeat" if collected from dead dinosaurs that spawned or "FreshMeat" if it came from a dead player. One piece came out for a baby or teen, and two came out for an adult.

Fish Edit


A yellow fish

Fish are found in the ocean, where most dinosaurs cannot reach them. However, dinosaurs such as Spinosaurus and the crocodile Sarcosuchus can survive underwater, allowing them to freely enter the oceans and eat as much as they please. Fish do not rot, and do not need to be killed. They do move around though, but it's mostly random, aimless wandering that does not change when they are being eaten alive. In ADL V3, fish could be clicked on for a tool called "RawFish" that could be eaten. They emitted red smoke, much like meat.


  • Meat fills up a dinosaur's hunger bar noticeably quicker than plants.


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