Quetzalcoatlus Flying

The Quetzalcoatlus (sometimes nicknamed "quetz" or "bird") is a carnivorous dinosaur in A Dinozaur's Life. They used to be omnivorous, but that was changed with later updates. They are commonly seen due to their unique ability to fly, which only one other dinosaur, the Pternadon has. They cost 5 DP to play as.

Gameplay Edit

While not the strongest attackers, they aren't extremely weak either, and can easily kill smaller dinosaurs in a few hits. They can also easily escape danger and get to places most dinosaurs cannot reach via flying, making them an easy dinosaur to play as. Locating food and waterholes is also easy as they can carry much more distance while flying.

Early in the game's development, there used to be a glitch where they could glitch inside the spawn box (where the player spawns) by using the fly tool and zooming in. While in the spawn box, they could talk to anyone who spawned there, and kill them. This was later patched by an update that caused Quetzalcoatlus to take damage if they flew too close to the spawn box.

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