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The Spinosaurus (nicknames including Spino, Spiny, and rarely Sailback) is a large, carnivorous dinosaur in A Dinosaur's Life. They are some of the most commonly used large theropods in the game, likely due to their infamous reputation as the strongest dinosaur in terms of raw strength (dishing out 50 - 60 damage in a single blow.) Their large sail and long snout make them highly distinguishable from other theropods of similar size, including Tyrannosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus. They have 1000 health on average. Lol this game is cool.


The Spinosaurus is excellent at combat, dealing 50 - 60 damage in a single blow. Critical hits are worth 120 damage (enough to kill a baby dinosaur instantly.) In order to play as a Spinosaurus, you must have 10 DP.

Survival TipsEdit

The Spinosaurus has an easier life than most dinosaurs. They are semi-aquatic, meaning that they can stay underwater for much longer than most, even moving faster than on land. Despite these perks, survival is still by no means a cake walk, though there are some ways to stay alive longer.

  • As in real life, Spinosaurus is an excellent angler. They are fast in the water, and because fish is easier to catch than a player, angling is debatably a much simpler way to stay alive than by hunting other dinosaurs.
  • On average, you will have a meager 400 health when you begin adolesence. During these tender years, try to stay out of the picture of any other dinosaurs, and only join dinosaurs you know for a fact are friendly. Once you grow into an adult, it is usually safe to stake out on your own.
  • Though you may end up dying of thirst while preforming this tip, it is very much possible to ambush dinosaurs that attempt to leave the plains valley.
  • Though an especially healthy Spinosaurus with a pack is usually fairly unstoppable, it is highly advised you avoid adult Amphicoelias no matter what.


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