Adult Struthomimus

A adult Struthiomimus

The Struthiomimus is a omnivore, it is very similar to the Gallimimus, in strength, speed and abilities. They are not as common as Gallimimus, and usually are not seen in the swamp area. When they grow to adult, their only about half the height of a Gallimimus adult. Of course, like the Gallimimus they lack strength necessary to defend their self against big and strong predators, but they have their speed to help them escape these sticky situations. They are most likely to be seen in the valley. The Struthiomimus competes with and hunts Troodon, usually they compete for food, but most of the time the Struthiomimus emerges victorious. Other dinosaurs the Struthiomimus competes with or hunts is Velociraptor, Microraptor, Citipati and Avimimus. But their main and strongest competitor is the Troodon. However, Troodon and Struthiomimus sometimes get along, but this is rare. As for herbivores, the Struthiomimus gets along with them well most of the time.

Information Edit

A adult Struthiomimus usually has 350+ health. They cost 6 DP, their abilities are the exact same as the Gallimimus, Natural Collect, Speed Stance and Dinosaur Taunt. Their damage is 10-20 per hit, and a critical hit deals 30 damage.

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