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The Tyrannosaurus (nicknames including T-Rex, Trex, Rex, and occasionally the more scientifically accurate T. rex) is a large, carnivorous dinosaur in A Dinosaur's Life. They are one of the strongest playable animals in the game, on par with Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus in terms of raw strength. They have around 800 health on average (not particularly much for other carnivores such as the aforementioned Sarcosuchus) and are often mistaken for the similar Giganotosaurus. They have little difficulty taking down prey with less than 1000 health, though it is for the best to take caution when around larger animals.


A T. rex can dish out between 60-70 damage in one hit, with critical hits usually dealing around 120 damage. They cost 9 DP to be played.

Survival TipsEdit

Despite its real life status as "king of the dinosaurs", staying alive as a Tyrannosaurus is no easy feat. There are no set in stone ways to survive, though the following tips may make the king of the dinosaurs' journey to adulthood more possible.

  • Try to avoid locations with no prey. This should be obvious, as no prey = no food.
  • Though you may end up drowning in the process, fishing is a blood-free, usually casualty-free alternative to killing other dinosaurs.
  • The forest lowland swamp is a prime habitat for prey items of all sorts. Triceratops usually attempt to make their homes here, so keep watch of the environment there.
  • Unless the animal of choice is in infancy, it is best to avoid the stronger herbivores such as Ankylosaurus and the three sauropods at all costs. If you are being pursued by a particularly bloodthirsty individual, your life may be in danger unless you can outrun them, or outsmart them.


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